HCBOA Minutes Mar 12th, 2024

Mar 17, 2024Meeting Minutes


XJanine McIntosh, PresidentXJackie Bearden, TreasurerXMike Isaac, Vice PresidentXLea Ann Rice, Secretary
 Rob Propheter, Social ChairmanX Rich Ammon, HistorianXKristen Gimbel, CommunicationsXMatt Coleman, (Matt Gimbel) Safety
XKen McMillan, Sergeant of ArmsXDenise Bohn, CharityXTerri Kirchner, CharityXLarry Bohn, Sergeant of Arms

Meeting Notes:

  • Meeting called to order at   7:30  pm by Janine McIntosh    
  • Minutes accepted
    • 1st Motion –  Mac  
    • 2nd Motion – Bill Rice
  • Treasury Report
  • Accepted
    • 1st Motion – Janine         
    • 2nd Motion – Kristin    
  • Social – Greg Platt standing in for Rob
    • Calendar of Events handed out, bolded dates have been locked in.
    • Next event is Night at the Races
      • Looking for volunteers to run the computer system – Kristin
      • We need 2 people taking money and bets – Chris Rogers
    • Party at Rob’s, his wife is away
    • Next is the swap meet – at Marine Sales and Service – 5/18/24
    • Summer Party – no one wants to reinstate yet
  • Safety
    • Boating is here. Nice out
    • Have you switched out your nav lights?
    • Spare battery for boat? Jump box works better
    • Thunder coming up get boats out for test run, so we look good for Thunder over Louisville
  • Historian
    •  Working on logo for poker run
  • Old Business
    • Nothing                               
  • New Business
    • Need someone to help Rob with Swap Meet. Serving Bloody Mary’s and Mimosas
    • Terri will be selling 50/50
    • Bring $20 bills or less, no $100 bills
    • If you have not signed up for Night at the Races, see Janine. She has to give final count tonight.
    • April 9  meeting at DiOrio’s?
  • New Members
  • Good and Welfare
    • Split the pot:  Sold – $235   total , Winner- Matt Gimbel    – $117
  • Meeting adjourned at  7:53  pm
  • 1st motion –  Joe Lower
  • 2nd  motion – Larry Bohn