HCBOA Minutes April 9th, 2024

Apr 11, 2024Meeting Minutes


XJanine McIntosh, PresidentXJackie Bearden, TreasurerXMike Isaac, Vice President Lea Ann Rice, Secretary
 Rob Propheter, Social ChairmanX Rich Ammon, HistorianXKristen Gimbel, CommunicationsXMatt Coleman, (Matt Gimbel) Safety
 Ken McMillan, Sergeant of ArmsXDenise Bohn, CharityXTerri Kirchner, CharityXLarry Bohn, Sergeant of Arms

Meeting Notes:

  • Meeting called to order at   7:25  pm by Janine McIntosh    
  • Minutes accepted
    • 1st Motion –  Rich Ammon
    • 2nd Motion – Terri Kirchner
  • Treasury Report
  • Accepted
    • 1st Motion – Danny R     
  • Social Report
    • Swap meet is May 18, 2024, 9:00 am to noon at Marine Sales
    • No alcohol due to it taking place at a private business
    • Bring stuff to sell-No boats are to be brought (except pictures of boats)
    • Coolers should be left in the car.
    • Bring set up (tables or tailgate)
  • Poker Run
    • Tonight we a selling sponsorships for the Poker Run
    • For $600 you get your name on the back of the book and the back of the shirts and 4 poker hands.
    • We are also taking $$ for ads in the booklet.
  • The next meeting will be at Pig Beach.
  • June meeting will be at Limestone.
  • Safety
    • Thunder Over Louisville is coming
      • when anchoring use multiple anchors because of the clay and rock
      • Do a practice run beforehand and make sure you have a jump box with you.
  • Historian
    • We will have the flyer out for the swap meet either tonight or tomorrow.
    • The artwork is ready for the Poker Run shirts.
  • Old Business
    • The Night at the Race
      • 2023 $1600
      • 2024 $3694
    • New Business
      • Bullet Proof vests for K-9s $1000
      • It was suggested (by Laura Lucas) that we give money to the Red Cross for the tornado in Prospect.
      • It was mentioned that not all the money would go to help.
      • Someone suggested that we give money to the Salvation Army and every dollar will be earmarked for the tornado cause.
      • It was proposed to the club that we donate $1000 for a K-9 bulletproof vest and $500 to the Salvation Army for tornado relief.
        • 1st motion-Chris Rogers
        • 2nd motion-Joe Cavallo
    • New Members
      •  Stuart and Stacie O’Bryan
    • Good and Welfare
      • Split the pot:  Sold – $246   total , Winner- Paul Ostertag – $123
    • Thanks  to Janine for getting the club back on it’s feet.
    • Meeting adjourned at  7:50  pm
    • 1st motion –  Joe Lauer
    • 2nd motion – Larry Bohn