HCBOA Minutes Jan 9th, 2024

Feb 1, 2024Meeting Minutes


XJanine McIntosh, PresidentXJackie Bearden, TreasurerXMike Isaac, Vice PresidentXLea Ann Rice, Secretary
XRob Propheter, Social Chairman  Rich Ammon, HistorianXKristen Gimbel, CommunicationsXMatt Coleman, (Matt Gimbel) Safety
 Ken McMillan, Sergeant of ArmsXDenise Bohn, Charity XTerri Kirchner, CharityXLarry Bohn, Sergeant of Arms

Meeting Notes:

  • Meeting called to order at 7:11 pm by  Janine McIntosh
  • Minutes accepted
    • 1st Motion –   Kristen
    • 2nd Motion – Smitty
  • Treasury Report
  • Accepted
    • 1st Motion – Bill Merkle
    • 2nd Motion –   Larry Bohn
  • Social
    • Working on night at the races. Getting dates in March
    • Horses: Greg Platt has a contact at Elks Lodge on Klondike. He will let us use horses and everything, preferably on 3/23 Mike will check the date with KofC. Next meeting we will look for sponsors.  
    • Need to start working on art work for all boating activities.
    • Would like help on the committee for horse races.
    • Horses will be bought at next meeting
  • Safety
    • Getting really cold next week.
    • People like space heaters on boats. Check the receptacle by taking out make sure it is good. Make sure no power lines are running really hot. Let someone know when you go to check on your boat.
    • Matt Coleman fell and couldn’t get up!
    • Line up cord, turn 360, then twist in so it twists in better.
  • Historian
    • Thank you for the great pictures at the boat parade!
  • Old Business
    • Boat Parade: Thank you everyone. Had 32 boats. Had a shout out on the news. Should always stay with the first Sunday in December so people know. Make more sense to start downtown and head up river back to East End bridge.
    • We received a Thank You card from the Little Angels of Portland kids and the Healing Place where we sent the toys.
  • New Business
    • Artwork needs to be sent in by April of this year, for all activities.
    • Feb Meeting: Can we move to Feb 6?
      • Joe made motion to accept.
      • Rob 2nd the motioned.
    • Dues are due now! $40 per person
    • Start using the HCBOA website. That is the source of truth. Everything will be there. You can contact board members. No more emails coming out. Go to website calendar to see what all is occurring.
  • Good and Welfare
    • Putting letter together to send Congress for barges to have navigation lights. Can we give Matt’s friend $200 to get better letters for petition. First motion: Kristin. Second motion: Terry. Accepted
    • Split the pot:  Sold – $ 180 total , Winner-  Gary – $90
  • Meeting adjourned at  7:37 pm
    • 1st motion –  Mike
    • 2nd  motion –  Rob