HCBOA Minutes May 9th 2023 @ American Turners

May 10, 2023Meeting Minutes


XJanine McIntosh, PresidentXJackie Bearden, Treasurer Mike Isaac, Vice PresidentXLea Ann Rice, Secretary
XLaura Lucas, Social Chairman     , HistorianXKristen Gimbel, CommunicationsXMatt Coleman, Safety
XKen McMillan, Sergeant of ArmsXRich Ammon, Sergeant of ArmsXDenise Bohn, CharityXTerri Kirchner, Charity

Meeting Notes:

  • Meeting started at   7:33 pm
  • Minutes accepted
    • 1st Motion – Kathy Kincheloe
    • 2nd Motion –  Smitty
  • Treasury Report
  • Accepted
    • 1st Motion – Greg Platt
    • 2nd Motion – Peggy Conn
  • Social
    • Next month, meeting is at Smitty’s. Watch website to see if the meeting is at Smitty’s or Shady Glen.
    • July’s meeting is at Turners
    • Limestone is opening up, they will check memberships. Need to see if we can still hold our meetings there since some HCBOA members are Limestone members.
    • Christmas party
      • Hotel by airport won’t do Christmas parties
      • We have booked Louisville Boat Club, with Fabulous on Friday as the band.
      • Will be $40ish, TBD. Will have a buffet.
    • Poker Run
      • T-shirts about $550
      • Board meeting to talk about poker run. Need to determine number to get.
    • Summer Party
      • Summer Party is 6/17 at Rose Island Yacht Club. Can use the pool. May grill and everyone bring a dish. Music. Fun time. Contact Dave M if you are bringing a boat and need a slip. We have the place from, midnight to midnight, according to Russ.
  • Safety
    •  River is great! Should have a great boating season.
    • Tail lights that you need to bang on to get on, switch to LED
    • Upgrade all boat lights to LED. Will be a great boating season!
  • Historian
    • Teresa resigned. Rich Ammons volunteered to take over. If he does, we need to replace a sergeant of arms. Voted unanimously for Rick to be Historian.
    • Need another sergeant of arms. Greg Platt volunteered. Unanimously voted in Greg Platt as Sergeant of Arms.
  • Old Business
    • Chris birthday and she flipped Kathy off for saying Old Business.
  • New Business
    • Swap Meet a week from Saturday.
    • Greg needs fenders, hopefully someone will bring some for him.
    • Bring table, chair, cooler
    • Starting at 8 am, goes until it is all gone
    • Show up and have a good time
    • We are advertising everywhere.
    • Do not bring boats to sell.
  • Poker Run
    • 10 weeks away
    • Sponsor $600
      • A year of advertisement.
    • Full page $100
    • Half page $60
    • Still setting price on poker hands
  • Good and Welfare
    • Proposing to make a donation every month.
    • Janine is proposing to donate to the police officer, Nickolas Wilt. Agree to donate $500 to that.
  • Split the pot  –  sold-  $ 210 total  , winner-  $ 105      Winner is Kathy Kincheloe. Really again?
  • Meeting adjourned at 8:00 pm
    • 1st motion – Renee
    • 2nd  motion –  Kristin