HCBOA Minutes Nov 14th, 2023 Election Night

Nov 18, 2023Meeting Minutes


XJanine McIntosh, PresidentXJackie Bearden, Treasurer Mike Isaac, Vice PresidentXLea Ann Rice, Secretary
XLaura Lucas, Social ChairmanX Rich Ammon, Historian Kristen Gimbel, Communications Matt Coleman, (Matt Gimbel) Safety
XKen McMillan, Sergeant of ArmsXGreg Platt, Sergeant of ArmsXDenise Bohn, CharityXTerri Kirchner, Charity

Meeting Notes:

  • Meeting called to order at 7:07  pm by  Janine McIntosh
  • Minutes accepted
    • 1st Motion –   Christy
    • 2nd Motion –  Terri
  • Treasury Report

OA Minutes 11/14/2023

  • Attendance:
  • X Janine McIntosh,
  • President X Jackie Bearden, Treasurer Mike Isaac, Vice President X Lea Ann Rice, Secretary
  • X Laura Lucas, Social Chairman X Rich Ammon, Historian Kristen Gimbel, Communications Matt Coleman, (Matt Gimbel) Safety
  • X Ken McMillan, Sergeant of Arms X Greg Platt, Sergeant of Arms X Denise Bohn, Charity X Terri Kirchner, Charity

Meeting Notes:
• Meeting called to order at 7:07 pm by Janine McIntosh
• Minutes accepted
o 1st Motion – Christy
o 2nd Motion – Terri
• Treasury Report

o Accepted
 1st Motion –Kathi Davis
 2nd Motion – Kim
• Voting
o President – Janine McIntosh
o VP -Mike Isaac
o Secretary – Lea Ann Rice
o Treasurer -Jackie Bearden
o Social Director – Rob Propheter
o Sargent at Arms –Ken McMillen
o Historian – Rich Ammon
o Safety –Matt Coleman
o Communications – Kristen Gimble
o Charity – Denise Bohn and Terri Kirchner
• Social
o Christmas Party at Louisville Boat Club Dec 2. Beautiful venue. Great band. Starts at 6
o Bring $10 unwrapped gift
o Might have DiOrios for a meeting
o Christmas boat parade starts at 5:30 at East End bridge. Will head down river. Will try to get police to help.
• Safety
• Historian
o Pictures will be taken at Christmas Party.
• Old Business
• New Business
o Have until November 19th to sign up for Christmas Party then opening to non-members
o Dan and Kathy got married!
• Good and Welfare
• Split the pot: Sold – $ 225 total , Winner- Jean Huckleberry – $ 113
• Meeting adjourned at 7:48 pm
o 1st motion – Rich
o 2nd motion – Rob