HCBOA Minutes November 8, 2022 Captains Quarters

Nov 15, 2022Meeting Minutes

Called to order at: 7:12 dismissed @ 7:50
President: Janine McIntosh
Vice President: Mike Isaacs
Treasurer: Jackie Beardon
Secretary: Laura Lucas
Social: Greg and Lisa Platt
Historian: Theresa Frith
Sergeant at Arms: Kenny Mc Millan, and Rich Ammon
Safety: Matt Coleman
Communication: Kristen Gimball
Merchandise: Denise & Terry
Financial Report
Beginning: $13,937
Ending $13,647
Dispersements $
Income $
Saturday December 3… Christmas Party at K of C.. sold out!! 6pm Social Hour, 7pm
Dinner served, 8pm Band Starts
Sunday December 4… Christmas Boat Parade…Starts at Juniper Beach, down
river to K of C, back up Indiana shore to bridge, head back to CQ’s and back to Juniper
Saturday November 12… Chili Cookoff at Shady Glen. $5 for chili tasting, goes
from Noon to 6 or so
Motion made and passed to donate $500 to the Harry Chapin Food Bank for
Southern Florida
Joe Cavello held Elections for upcoming year, All board members will be the
same with the exceptions of Leeann Rice taking over Secretary and Laura Lucas taking
over Social.
Wrapping things up for the year… Check your neighbors boat, take pics of
waterline, see if anything has changed. Put a business card on your door of your boat,
so if you have a problem, your neighbor knows how to get hold of you. Get to know your
neighbors. Check your bilge pumps.
Introduced Joe Frith to demo the new website and answer questions about it.
Looks Great!!!