HCBOA Minutes – Oct 12th @ Turners

Oct 13, 2023Meeting Minutes


XJanine McIntosh, PresidentXJackie Bearden, TreasurerXMike Isaac, Vice PresidentXLea Ann Rice, Secretary
XLaura Lucas, Social ChairmanX Rich Ammon, HistorianXKristen Gimbel, CommunicationsXMatt Coleman, (Matt Gimbel) Safety
XKen McMillan, Sergeant of ArmsXGreg Platt, Sergeant of ArmsXDenise Bohn, CharityXTerri Kirchner, Charity

Meeting Notes:

  • Meeting called to order at  7:05  pm by  Janine McIntosh
  • Minutes accepted
    • 1st Motion –  Brad Lucas
    • 2nd Motion – Lisa Platt
  • Treasury Report
  • Accepted
    • 1st Motion –       
    • 2nd Motion –  Larry Bohn
  • Social
    • Salsarita delivered dinner
    • November meeting is at Impellizari
    • Christmas venue will be set when we see what money is available and number of people. Band is Famous on Friday.
  • Safety
    • Matt brought in officers T Franklin and L Prechtel  to speak on boating safety.
    • Boats can not go anywhere west of 2nd street bridge can. $5000 fine if coastal guard catches you. They do watch for people that cruse to locks and turn around.
    • Kids under 12 must have a life jacket. Must be 12 to operate a jet ski with a boating safety card
    • Police monitor channel 16 on radios or you can use 911. When calling know your landmarks. If reporting another boat, know description and anything you can provide to help them.
    • Things you need for the boat: Life vests for the number of people on the boat, navigational lights, id, registration, throw device, fire extinguisher.
    • Life vest need to be where you can get to them quick. Know your passengers and how accessible life jackets should be.
    • Fire extinguisher to size of boat – over 33 ft need 2, under 33 feet need 1
    • Hit blower when you fuel the boat
    • Sailboat with sail up has right away, they still have duty to avoid collision
    • Matt
      • Someone hurt bad in Randy’s boatyard, boat blew up, something with a shop vac. Smell fuel fumes on boat get out, ventilate
  • Historian
    •  Boating shots are magnificent. Next event will be Christmas Party
  • Old Business
  • New Business
    • Christmas party is Dec 2
      • Go online and pay. We have until November 27, then we have to provide a final number.
      • Members are $20 per person.
      • Guests are $40 per person. This is for guest that is a plus one. No guest couples until we have our members signed up.
      • Bring unwrapped toys approximately $10 range to donate
    • Dues are not due until Jan. Pay within Jan 1 – 31
    •  Nominations-next year’s board – Joe Cavallo has official list and will run the elections
      • Pres – Janine McIntosh, Greg Platt
      • Vice Pres – Rob Propheter, Mike Isaac       (Pres Elect?)
      • Treasurer – Jackie Bearden, Mike Franklin
      • Social – Denise Bohn, Laura Lucas, Rob Propheter
      • Secretary – Lea Ann
      • Sgt of Arms – Ken McMillen, Larry Bond,
      • Communications – Kristen Gimbel
      • Historian – Rich Ammon
      • Safety – Matt Coleman, Matt Gimbel
      • Charity – Terry Kirschner, Denise Bohn, Brenda Craig, Chris Rogers
      • Nominations closed at 7:54 Voting will be next meeting, Nov 14 at Impellizeri at Holiday Manor
      • Suggestion to do a social committee
    • Pink Party Friday collected over $2000
    • Sun Oct 22 at CQ is Chuckin’ Pumpkins. Donations raised goes to Twisted Pink 
  • Good and Welfare
  • Split the pot:  Sold – $   total , Winner-  (did not hear who won)   – $85
  • Meeting adjourned at   8:00   pm
    • 1st motion – Joe
    • 2nd  motion – Ken McMillian