January 11th, 2022 at Knights of Columbus

Jan 12, 2022Meeting Minutes

January 11, 2022 K of C
7:30 to 7;20
President: Janine McIntosh
Vice President: Mike Isaacs
Treasurer: Brent Likins
Secretary:x Laura Lucas
Social: Greg and Lisa Platt
Historian: Theresa Frith
Sergeant at Arms: Kenny Mc Millan, and Rich Ammon
Safety:x Matt Coleman
Communication: Kristen Gimbell
Charity: sub Maxine Davis
Old Business:
Christmas Party
Terry chambers gift cards
Plaques for Mark Windhorst and Smitty Smithson for service to club
Invite friends to join
Karen Smithson lost her mom
New Business;
boat flags are being arranged
Fees for members vs non-members are the same
Paddle board and or Kayak Poker Runs.. check out sponsorship for event
Financial Report
Beginning: $6401
December 4…Christmas Party at K of C..$25 pp.. and unwrapped toy..46 members
600 band 1972 to K of C … Marine sales net #300, $ Brad won 50/50
$ 6401 plus dues collected tonight
Good and Welfare:
Turners?? bowling night
Meeting 2/8 Turners
Day at the Races
Summer Party
Poker Run
Dinghy Run
Need Charity Chair
HCBOA flags
check on boats, winter mode, watch for slipping, plan on falling in… is there a ladder, ..think
ahead ….
Diana Herron has history of club
1j983 is 40th anniversary
See you on the 1 or 2..passing on the port or starboard?
don’t go out without lights on at night
Sandy Isaacs..Christmas party band? refer to Mike
50/50 won by Toni and Joe Cavello